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2020年8月24日 : Notice regarding temporary closure

2020July 1, 2010 : Prevention of infection of the new coronavirus

2020年5月11日 : Notice of Business Hours

2020May 7, 2016 : Notice of change of seasonal ice

2020April 5, 2016 : Notice of wearing a mask

 Message from the President

Always our game in the works called "100% Pork cutlet", whose work is with us the same creatures. Bread crumbs, meat, oil and eggs. Their daily weather, temperature and humidity, good mood, or the crew.

Making works 100% while they are selfish, but sometimes made unexpected tonkatsu.

If sticky if the meat is tough, greasy, bread crumbs. And if you have even a little dissatisfied, please, do not hesitate ' call the Manager! "And let me know. Create and appreciate the tonkatsu, we will replace.

Your shinagaki

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